gPHPEdit Development Snapshot as of 26 Feb 2010

I am uploading the current development snapshot, as on 26th Feb 2010, here. This snapshot has several major bug fixes and changes from the latest versions available in the repositories. This is still only a source package and you will have to compile and build your gphpedit binary.

The major changes included in this are listed below.

2009-02-26 Anoop John

* New Feature - Added color picker for selection background color

2010-02-04 Rostagno Jose

* Fixed Bug - GTKScintilla Completely migrated from old GtkObject implementation to Gobject.
* Fixed Bug - Delete duplicated function to load window icon.
* Fixed Bug - if nothing is selected the function open selected tries to open a folder
* New Feature - could change toolbar icon sizes
* Fixed Bug - Only open text based mimetypes.
* Fixed Bug - Update spanish translation.
* Fixed Bug - Class browser does not take you to function definitions (sr #106646)
* New Feature - keypress event in folder browser
* New Feature - folderbrowser Drag and Drop handling
* New Feature - Implement C/C++ Hightligthing
* New Feature - Implement C/C++ Folding
* Fixed Bug - Default preferences wasn't loading corrrectly
* Fixed Bug - The background colour seems to have become black.
* Fixed Bug - Incorrect color when change color from preferences dialog.

2010-01-12 Rostagno Jose

* New Feature - Folderbrowser
* New Feature - Current zoom level in statusbar
* Fixed Bug - PHP files filter, now uses php file extensions from preferences
* New feature - ToUpper, ToLower function
* New Feature - Toolbar and menu items disabled on TAB_HELP and read-only files
* Fixed Bug - Code cleanup remove deprecated GDK,GTK and GLIB macros and functions
* Fixed Bug - Loading http and https uris from command line
* Fixed Bug - Take out libgnome,libgnomeui,libbonobo and libbonoboui dependencies
* Fixed Bug - Open files across smb gvfs fails (sr #107099)

2010-01-07 Rostagno Jose

* New Feature - Fullscreen mode support (sr #106708)
* New Feature - Added clean button to incremental search and goto gtkentry
* New Feature - Toolbar, statusbar and sidepanel show/hide toglebutton
* Fixed Bug - Toolbars donot extend till window border. (sr #106647)
* Fixed Bug - gnome-config replaced by Gconf
* Fixed Bug - gnome-dialog replaced by Gtkdialog
* Fixed Bug - gnome-vfs replaced by GIO/GVFS

2009-11-28 Rostagno Jose

* New Feature - Added Bookmarks
* Fixed Bug - Remove gtkhtml2 dependency, now uses webkit.

2009-11-27 Rostagno Jose

* Updated toolbar code with the new gtk+ functions
* New Feature - Added indent/unindent buttons to the main toolbar
* New Feature - Added zoom-in/zoom-out buttons to the main toolbar and menu
* Fixed bug - The last line of text block is not indented.
* New Feature - Added file filters to the open file dialog
* Fixed Bug - Highlight colour in ubuntu.
Bug reported at
* Added a close button [x] for side bar

2009-11-12 Anish A

* Fixed tab fold bug ( bug# 107084)

gphpedit-0.9.97-dev-20100226.tar.bz2872.28 KB


I am extremely glad to learn

I am extremely glad to learn about this snapshot which has several major bug fixes and changes from the latest versions available in the repositories. Thanks for the useful and information post.

great program, i'm liking it

Just wanted to let you know that i'm very impressed with the program. I sent you an email with some suggestions i'd like to see in the future. Keep up the great work. gPHPEdit is quickly becoming my editor of choice. :)

Editor in Version 0.9.91 is a fantastic harddrive tester

Hi guys,

your editor is a fantastic harddrive tester for robustness ;)

Each change of the windows size between left folder-window and right editor-window with the stripline execute a writing on the harddisk.

So if you would like to scratch your harddisk like DJ then your application is absolutely great :)

Otherwise I miss the hightlighting starts automatically when I open a file. It's pitty that I have to set it manually.

Please do not resign, but check these bugs :)


Thanks for the feedback

Thank you for the frank feedback :-). It would be great if you could post future bug reports at

Are you sure you are using the latest version of the editor? I couldn't replicate bug on my machine.

I didn't quite get the part about highlighting. Can you please clarify?


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