gPHPEdit Development Snapshot as on 9 Feb 2009

I am uploading the current development snapshot, as on 2nd Feb 2009, here. This snapshot has several major bug fixes and changes from the latest versions available in the repositories. This is still only a source package and you will have to compile and build your binary as per the instructions posted in the previous post.

The major changes included in this and not present in the last official release 0.9.91 are listed below.

 * Added a close button [x] for each tab
 * Fixed crash on incremental search while in help tab. 
   Bug reported at
 * Fixed bug - Nowdoc and heredoc tokens were ruining syntax
   highlighting. Corrected to handle these tokens properly.
 * Fixed bug - incorrect tool tips that were being shown
   with partial matches with php function names. Modified to
   show tooltip only for full match
 * New Feature - Sorted list of class browser functions. The
   classbrowser functions were not listed in alphabetical
   order. This has been changed to alphabetical listing.
 * New Feature - Added the ability to restrict the classbrowser
   function listing for only the current tab.
 * Corrected incorrect highlighting of braces
   Bug reported at

gphpedit-0.9.95-dev-20090209.tar.gz1.15 MB


php editor

I am in need of recent php editor write naw....

Help Documentation - Where is it?

I assume that it is currently unavailable? I am using Ubuntu and the documentation for gPHPEdit can't be accessed. Pressing F1 doesn't do anything. Is the documentation under development?

Install php help doc

You will have to install PHP documentation in your GNU Linux distribution before F1 can show you anything. gPHPEdit does not have the documentation with it. It just pulls up the php documentation and shows it to you.



First, I am using UBUNTU 9,04 on an AMD64 motherboard.
Second, based on the Synaptic Package Manager, PHP-DOC was installed.
Today, I re-loaded both PHP-DOC and gPHPEdit. Accessing "help" still did not work?

I searched for the manual and found it. The manual is in HTML format, and I can access it with Firefox. I did not locate a text version.

Could there be an issue with the path or the location of the PHP-DOC file?
Based on a lack of other posts, this doesn't seem to be an issue for others!?!?!?!

php-doc location?

Where are php-doc files located? /usr/share/doc/php-doc/html? If so it should work, if not let me know.

Did you install the editor from ubuntu repository? If so can you please try the latest sources from github.

Thanks for your service

very very thanks for your great service....
from Sri Lanka

Compiles on Ubuntu 9.04

Thanks! I was able to compile under Ubuntu 9.04 just fine :) I'm looking forward to using gPHPEdit again.


thank you

This editor is exactly what i

This editor is exactly what i was searching for!
But my co-workers use different encodings of their scripts. How can i make gphpedit to understand another encodings?

Which language do they code in?

Which language do they want to use and which encoding are they using? gphpedit supports unicode so that should take care of all languages isn't that right?

(gphpedit:3420): Gtk-CRITICAL

(gphpedit:3420): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_size_request: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed

When do you get this error?

Can you please let me know when you get this error? Please use the bug tracking system at savannah to report the error -



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