gPHPEdit git repositories up on Savannah and github

I have created the source repository of gPHPEdit on both Savannah and github. You can access these repositories at the following URLs

gPHPEdit on
gPHPEdit on github

Both of these have been configured with git access. You can read the git cheat sheet at github or git FAQ at savannah to figure out how to access these repositories using git.

Like mentioned in the previous post the github repository will contain the latest and the complete source files for the project. Since they also provide a wiki which Savannah does not, I have decided to start using their wiki for the documentation of the project. However the wiki is probably one of the first set of features that are going to be moved to this site. Till then we will be using the gPHPEdit github wiki for our documentation.

On Savannah I have set up the primary gPHPEdit mailing list - You can join this list by sending a mail to and you will receive a confirmation link by email which you will have to click on to complete the subscription. In addition the main support queue is also set up at Savannah. You can post new support requests at the gPHPEdit Issue Tracker at Savannah

The github repository will contain the latest source files for the project. All major releases will be committed on to the Savannah repository. One of my long term objectives is to sort out all the issues that prevented the project from getting completely into Savannah. All source files that get committed on Savannah will therefore comply with the stringent requirements set by Savannah.

I had vacillated between CVS and git because - a) I was very comfortable with CVS b) I have been hearing lot of good things about git. Besides, the original developer of gphpedit, Andy Jeffries had strongly recommended git versus cvs. I decided to move with git after reading the following pages recommended by Sebastian Pipping. I hope that these links would help people undecided about SCMs to take a decision.

== Comparison ==

=== Comparison of all notable distributed SCMs ===

=== Chart-style, Wikipedia ===

=== Git versus x ===

== Videos/talks ==

=== #1 2007-05-03 "Linus Torvalds on git" ===

=== #2 2007-10-12 Randal Schwartz: "Git" ===

=== #3 2008-06-01 Scott Chacon: "Getting Git" ==

=== #4 2008-10-27 Johannes Schindelin: "Contributing with Git" ===


Hrmm, I will look into these

Hrmm, I will look into these videos. Thanks.

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