gPHPEdit Development and Maintenance restarted

A happy news for all gPHPEdit Users out there - gPHPEdit development has restarted!. The original developer Andy Jeffries has handed over development responsibilities to Anoop John who will be maintaining the editor and this site from now onwards. The site has been redone using Drupal and the content from the old site is being moved to the new site. Most of this work should be over this week.

The following is the rough project plan

0) Set up online CVS access using savannah. Set up an online bug reporting system and a community forum and a mailing list initially inside savannah and then directly on the site at the new hosting server (this space).

1) Fix downstream bugs reported from the distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo) where gPHPEdit is present. So we will fork a new branch if there are architectural changes and continue to support the old versions until the new versions are distro-ready.

2) Review and document code, make any architectural re-factorings we need to. Setup a wiki on and document it online.

3) Once the fixes are done, add the latest scintilla base and work with it. Scintialla have moved on since the last version of gPHPedit. Scintilla now has native Gtk support, although using this will require a lot of rework in the current codebase.

4) Work on the plugin system and start with a plugin for working with Drupal and Joomla systems.

5) See how we can take this forward from there.



I was just telling a colleague how great I thought the editor was for my daily work and how sad I was that it was not actively developed anymore for quite some time now. Lucky us... I hope the bug fixes and the new features that are to come will help this software gain in popularity even more, and thus make development more fun for you :) Thanks for picking this up!
Ivo Fokkema - Netherlands

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